What is the Knowledge Keepers Community?

What is the Knowledge Keepers Community?

Megan Murphy Cofounder & CEO

August 2023

The backstory 

On our journey to building Ourspace, the embedded org design platform, we’ve met with over 200 companies including DocuSign, Flo Health, Pitch, Typeform, and more who despite different sizes, locations, and industries share a common thread that they’re lacking an accurate, accessible organizational map of people and teams. And thus, folks typically in strategic operating roles fill in the gaps and take on a role that we’re calling the ‘Organizational Knowledge Keeper.’ This encompasses many things including taking on the responsibility of keeping team wikis, boards, spreadsheets and other forms of team documentation up to date so everyone else in the company can navigate how work actually gets done.

John Cutler, Product Enablement Director at Toast and author of The Beautiful Mess, shared “a strategic advantage every company could have is knowing what is actually going on inside the building.” And, we couldn’t agree more! Thus beyond building a platform that does just that, we’re building a space for the unsung organizational heroes who help break team silos and act as the de facto problem solvers for everything team collaboration related. 

What’s a Knowledge Keeper

The role of the Knowledge Keeper is perhaps best summarized as the glue that keeps the organization together. These strategic operators, typically wearing the hat of Product Ops, BizOps, Program Management or Chief of Staff, possess a critical understanding of how the organization functions, allowing them to bridge gaps, streamline processes, and ensure the efficient flow of information across teams. Often working behind the scenes, they’re instrumental in maintaining documentation and are a go-to person for helping everyone else navigate how the company operates. 

Even without the official title, we’re sure these people quickly come to mind when you need to know who works where and owns what.

Our mission 

We’re building a community of practice committed to helping and supporting official and unofficial Knowledge Keepers. Our mission is to foster excitement, provide a space to connect, and offer support in sharing best practices and ideas for better team collaboration. Within our community, we aim to give voice to various perspectives who share a passion for building better teams. 

How to join 

In an effort to bring the most value to our members, we’re starting small with intimate meetups and an invite-only Slack channel. 

Whether you’re new to your role or a seasoned pro, we invite anyone who identifies with the Knowledge Keepers role to share their contact details so we can keep you in the loop for upcoming events and what’s coming next for the Knowledge Keeper community ✨