We’ve Raised $2.5M to Solve Team Design

We’ve Raised $2.5M to Solve Team Design

Stephanie Bowker Cofounder & CMO

November 2022

Our mission

At our core, we’re a team obsessed with teams. Why?? Because we’ve known the impact from being on great teams, disorganized teams and everything in between. Teamwork is a powerful thing — championships, product launches, moon landings and stadium-filled concerts all came to together from teams.

Science reinforces the idea that many brains are better than one and research backs the value of investing in diverse teams. So why don’t leaders have more data and context to help them design better teams?

Now they will. At least that’s our goal!

To boil it down simply, we’re on a mission to build teams to fulfill their missions. We believe the best way to do that is to provide leaders with more context, better collaboration, and a people-centric approach to team design.

Our partners

We’re thrilled to be backed by a stellar set of investors who believe in our mission and bring phenomenal expertise in early-stage startups.

Huge thanks to Connect Ventures and Seedcamp in addition to our network of advisors, angels and early adopters from founders and executives from the likes of Maze, Grabyo, Spendesk, Skew by Coinbase and Stuart. We appreciate your support and shared passion for building more inclusive, collaborative teams.

Our journey ahead

Until the end of 2022, we’re focused on learning and building within our private beta. We’re keen to get Ourspace in the hands of teams everywhere as soon as possible, and that requires us to first nail a few core use cases in what we know is an extremely dynamic environment: multi-disciplinary teams in tech companies.

If you’re interested in getting early access, grab your spot on our waitlist here!

Team Ourspace ☄️