The 2022 Breakout Startups of Web Summit

The 2022 Breakout Startups of Web Summit

Sarah Zou Business Operations

November 2022

Each year, the Web Summit conference selects a group of startups that they deem the Breakout Startups of the year and gives them an opportunity to pitch their product or service on the main stage. We were lucky to be included this season, which meant we got a preview of some of the hottest new companies that we expect the world to be buzzing about soon.

As product nerds ourselves, we’ve already started using two beta products that we saw at the conference, and figured we’d share the inside scoop for fellow early-adopters who like to test out the latest tech. There’s a little for everyone: from B2B to B2C with Fintech, Web3, Greentech and more! 

Without further ado, here is the full list of Breakout Startups of Web Summit 2022. We can't wait to see where some of our pre-seed peers will be in a year's time, and will be following our series A and B mentors closely on how to navigate the road ahead.

Pre-Seed Companies

The pre-seed stage typically refers to the period in which a company's founders are first getting their operations off the ground, and validating their assumptions. 


SuperLayer is the leading web3 crypto venture studio launching the next frontier of multi-chain, tokenized products.


The only no-code commerce platform that lets you control the customer journey, visually.


Better financial benefits for every kind of team

Compare Ethics

The sustainable platform that makes it easy for conscious consumers to find verified sustainable products.


The Operating System for the B2B Subscription Economy


Werk is building a global blue-collar migration hub for skilled construction workers - jobs, relocation, community.


Logcast is an audio-first platform for creators to record, share and discover short-form audio updates, called ‘logs’, from friends and their community. Logcast makes it easy for everyone to earn money on their voice, experiences and thoughts by letting their community unlock their content.


Moojo helps freelancers and creators streamline their invoicing process and get paid instantly.


Mason combines the best parts of data and productivity software to make getting answers from data faster than ever before.

Seed Companies 

At the seed stage, companies are heavily involved in product development, have likely validated their MVP and achieved some level of customer traction.


Clearword automates your meeting notes, providing records, transcriptions, and smart meeting summaries stored in one searchable and shareable library.


Are you losing 40% of your week Googling companies, people and keywords? Tactic gives you more actionable information than you could ever manually compile, in the format you need.


Noloco is the no-code platform for non-developers to build internal tools. Easily create internal tools in minutes that perfectly fit your workflows without writing a line of code.


Loans to small businesses in Nigeria in less than 3 hours.


Payable is a payment operations API and dashboard for fintechs and marketplaces. Companies can build complex payment flows, and reconcile and automate bank transfers. Stress free.


Rollee is the API for income data in Europe. We provide lenders, insurers and many other businesses with quick and reliable access to the income data of their customers and help them take better and fairer decisions.


June is a product analytics for subscription businesses.


Take back control of your inboxes. Bring Slack, Gmail and all your other tools together into one inbox experience.

Gaiascope Inc

Through software built to make the electric grid easier to understand and profit from, Gaia helps enable billions of individual components like electric vehicles, solar farms, and demand response to operate effectively, and in parallel.

Augment AI

Augment amplifies productivity and simplifies lives through a first-of-its-kind context-aware AI. The AI assistant that actually gets things done for you.


Ask-AI aggregates text-heavy company knowledge & customer communications to reveal pinpointed answers and actionable insights.


Shaping the future of eCommerce by making returns smarter


Customer support for modern tools. Fast, flexible and extendable.


Commerce platform for the world that is made to make less. Rent & Sell anything with Rentle.


Gener8 enables people to control and earn from their own data.


Humanity is a healthcare company that aims to extend the healthspan of humanity.


The easiest way for startup teams to make better decisions with data.


Empowering people to express themselves in the digital world with easy-to-use technologies

Series A Companies 

At series A, companies have completed their product, established a user base and have reached a level of consistent revenue.


The collaborative FP&A solution empowering Finance teams to deliver strategic insights that make an impact.

Ochre Bio

Ochre Bio develops RNA therapies for chronic liver diseases, a leading cause of death globally.

Humanising Autonomy

Helping all products understand human intentions

Muse Finance

Helping SMEs take back control of their business with simple and transparent finance and cash flow forecasting.


InnerPlant is an ag-tech company that features a data platform that increases field health and drives value throughout the supply chain.


The all-in-one real estate platform to win clients and invest at scale. Solving chaos and bringing transparency.

Plan A

Helping businesses achieve net-zero with our SaaS platform for carbon accounting, decarbonisation and ESG reporting.

Air Company

The world’s leading carbon utilization company, creating consumer and industrial products from carbon dioxide (CO2).


Y42 is the first fully managed Modern DataOps Cloud.

Series B Companies 

A company at series B stage has validated product-market fit, is growing their customer base at a reasonable rate and needs to grow their operations to meet increased demand within their market. 

Ready Player Me

Cross-app avatar platform for the metaverse


Enabling businesses to hire anyone, anywhere in minutes.


Primer is the world's first no-code automation platform for payments and commerce.


Gameto is a biotechnology using cell engineering to develop therapeutics of the female reproductive system.


Lokalise is a translation management system built for agile teams who want to automate their localization process.


Sweep helps businesses track and act on their carbon, so they can become forever companies.

P. S. ICYMI, you can watch Megan's talk on Centre Stage at Web Summit here.

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