Introducing Scenario Builder for collaborative team planning

Introducing Scenario Builder for collaborative team planning

Stephanie Bowker Cofounder & CMO

March 2023

Tired of building and re-building your team structures from scratch? Especially when job titles, team ownership areas, and squad leaders’ details are not-so-up-to-date in 3-5 systems? 🤦‍♀️

After a few months in hibernation (winter and stealth mode style), we’re ready to share what we’ve been building to solve this very problem… 🥁

Introducing Ourspace Scenario Builder, a visual, collaborative environment where leaders can brainstorm and build their ideal team structure in minutes alongside key stakeholders.

Our Scenario Builder makes it super easy for leaders to compare various team scenarios and future headcount plans. In just a few clicks, you can copy, edit, comment, and share as many versions as you need all built from the most up-to-date live org.

Structured for speed, flexible for scale

Though we’re avid Miro and Notion users ourselves, the main drawback of using free-form tools for team design is the time spent re-inventing the format and re-entering team data already stored in many places.

After speaking with hundreds of product and tech leaders, we’ve learned that most teams use similar visual structures when undergoing scenario planning, but vary on what and how much information they show.

That's why we built our Scenario Builder with cross-functional squads in mind, allowing leaders to seamlessly transition between a Live Org view, where they can see how their teams are currently structured, to Draft Mode, where they can visualize different scenarios with embedded context so you never have to leave the app when making team design considerations.

Whether you're a fan of details or a data minimalist, leaders have complete control over how much information they display - and to whom.

Collaborate with control

Team design decisions are rarely made without peer input and often include some sensitive information that needs to be privately discussed. In Ourspace, you have full control to choose who gets edit, comment and view access to ensure healthy stakeholder management and flow of information.

You’re also able to schedule changes in the future to make sure you make time for 1:1 conversations. In the case of a bigger re-org, we also have a helpful Comms Plan for Team Shuffles Template you can borrow, use and share.

Get complete context

Most managers have notes on notes to keep track of the many individual and team-level details that go into team design. This can span from team expertise to ownership areas to individuals’ growth goals. We centralize these essential details and make them easily visible to you and your stakeholders in the exact moment of decision-making. This makes it easier to get on the same page and ensures you don’t miss any key dependencies 👀

Ready to build your dream team in minutes, not months?!?

Whether your team is upscaling, downsizing, or preparing for future changes, we’re here to help. We know the world of software brings new challenges every day, and we want to support you through those ups and downs!

We’re actively onboarding beta users and are grateful for all the customer feedback we’ve received thus far 🙏  If you've already signed up for our waitlist, you have the details in your inbox.

Interested in joining the beta?  Let us know how we can help you and your team, and we’ll be in touch!